About a week before Glenn Frey died I recorded this version of Desperado (The Eagles) and I used Synthogy’s American D (Ivory II) to do it. A few weeks ago the EP-88 van Scarbee was released; an amAZING Rhodes emulation. I decided to replace the American D in my previous (Logic) project just to see how it would sound. I liked it […]

From all the organists I’ve listened to and enjoy throughout my life I’ve enjoyed and listened to Jimmy Smith and Jimmy McGriff the most. I love both of them equally much. Smith for his aggression and McGriff for his amazing timing (and I can think of a lot more reason why I love both of […]

.. I am on 1 page with Stevie Wonder. It will probably be short-lived, so I’ll enjoy it while it lastst. I am the proud owner or a Vintage Vibe 44 piano. Throughout my entire musical career I have been a fan of the Fender Rhodes piano, the Wurlitzer piano, the Clavinet and the Hammond. […]

Swingende- en dansbare Soul Jazz is een voorliefde die de heren Montis Goudsmit & Directie delen. Hammondbeest Frank Montis begrijpt deze muziek als geen ander en komt op sessies regelmatig de heren Goudsmit & Directie tegen. Een absolute killer combi zo bleek dus tijd om vaker het podium te bestijgen. Met zijn ontembare energie en […]