Custom Mojo Cabinet

The perfect clonewheel is something different for every organ player. For me priority number 1 is sound, and in that category the Mojo is THE clone that does the trick. Ever since I bought it a few years ago I’ve been very happy with its sound and have not felt the same about any other clonewheel to this day, even though there’s a healthy competition going on. All clonewheels are getting better, which is good for all of us!

Although it should not be a priority, looks are important as well. I like the vintage look of the Mojo, BUT as an organ player you are always looking for the perfect combination of sound, looks, portability and about 2 years ago (I think) I was contacted by Roland de Schutter, a Belgian guy who designed a B3-like cabinet for the Mojo. I went to visit him and I was truly amazed by his professional design. He had drawings and everything and a few months later I had one built as well. I bought the legs and the rest of the wood that I needed to have it built. I found a willing tech in Martin van den Broek. The plans that Roland had given me were perfect, computer drawings with all the details needed as well as pictures of the building process. The only thing that he didn’t make was foldable legs, simply because Roland didn’t need it to be foldable. With a few minor adjustments by Martin my stand turned into a foldable one.

To make a long story a bit shorter: Ever since I started hitting the stages and recording movies with my Custom Mojo I’ve been receiving loads of emails and messages of people asking me for the plans, which were made available (FREE OF CHARGE) by Roland de Schutter. I’m very grateful for this and, as I’m sure, many others as well.

I decided to put the files on my website, so people can download them and do like I did: find a tech willing to build it and enjoy their playing even more.