For once in my life…

.. I am on 1 page with Stevie Wonder. It will probably be short-lived, so I’ll enjoy it while it lastst. I am the proud owner or a Vintage Vibe 44 piano. Throughout my entire musical career I have been a fan of the Fender Rhodes piano, the Wurlitzer piano, the Clavinet and the Hammond. All instruments that are no longer made, were it not that there is a company in the US that produces ‘new’ pianos that use the same techniques: Vintage Vibe.

After recording a video where I play a song and sing with the Vintage Vibe 44, my facebook post was spotted by Vintage Vibe and I was asked if they could put the video on their own page. Duh, of course that is possible! I am especially proud of that. After I sent the video to them, it first appeared on their Vimeo channel, later on their Youtube channel, Facebook and now also on their official website, where I share a spot on the front page with Stevie Wonder who also plays Vintage Vibe. Of course I do not have anything to do with Stevie Wonder, but as a musician who has listened to certain music all his life, the world seems very small all of a sudden.

On the youtube channel of Vintage Vibe I am in good company with people like Allen Stone, Christian McBride and many others.

In short, I am proud and I wanted to share that. Check.

Vintage VIbe