Marvin Timothy – The Road To Abbey

I actually knew Marvin Timothy mainly via Facebook. I knew he had participated in The Voice, but since I never look at it I did not really get that.

What I did get via Facebook is that he, as young as he is, is very focused on his music and he does not hide his roots and influences. He is strongly influenced by Donny Hathaway, which is also my greatest musical hero, but also by Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. Marvin sets the bar high.

His high ambitions are apparent from the fact that he traveled to the famous Abbey Road Studios for his EP ‘The Road To Abbey’. A Beatle song could not be missed in this case in the form of “Do not Let Me Down”.

I was pleasantly surprised that I was asked to provide that Beatle song with Hammond.

I was even more surprised when I was approached by Codarts Rotterdam not long afterwards to judge his final exams at the same Codarts as external expert. This was a coincidental combination of circumstances which immediately became the first meeting with Marvin. It was a beautiful final exam in the intimate hall of the Soundvision Studios, inspired by Abbey Road, in Arnhem.

I think we are going to hear a lot from this ambitious, tasteful and talented guy and I am proud that the young generation is always standing up again for the legacy of greats like Donny Hathaway.

Check hieronder de Spotify link: