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From all the organists I’ve listened to and enjoy throughout my life I’ve enjoyed and listened to Jimmy Smith and Jimmy McGriff the most. I love both of them equally much. Smith for his aggression and McGriff for his amazing timing (and I can think of a lot more reason why I love both of them). I’ve been influenced as a player by both of them but it’s my goal to be able to use the “less is more” approach that McGriff seemed to apply to his playing, without losing the spice.

On gigs sometimes I play this Jack McDuff song called Duffin’ Around which, for me, is typical and characteristic for the way Jack McDuff plays. The tune that drummer Marc Schenk and I play here is inspired by Jimmy McGriff so that’s why I decided to call it Griffin’ Around.

Apart from making music, for the past 2 years I’ve been working for The Music Alliance , a wholesales company in musical products, accessories and parts. I’m charge of a bit of marketing, I do some copywriting and I make music and product videos. Every once in a while I use my studio there to record a video with friends like Marc and mess around a bit, record the audio, video, edit and publish it. This is the second video I made with Marc (check out the first:  The Masquerade is Over ).

I hope you enjoy!